The Archaeodeath Den

Exciting developments in my home-office. A tiny corner of one of the bedrooms of my house in North Wales has been converted into a little work-space.

I call it my “Archaeodeath Den”. Well, I don’t really call it that, that would surely be weird and slightly unsettling. But it serves to paint a picture of the archaeological editing that goes on in this corner, with a small selection of books to guide me, including my Complete Guide to Middle-Earth and the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations.

It is here that, over the last week, I have been very busy appraising and copy-editing re-submissions to vol. 170 of the  Archaeological Journal, I am delighted that my first edited volume (vol. 169) is due out in the next 2 months. I have been editing vol. 170 for 2013 is due out for April 2014. I cannot release details of the contents yet, but it looks as if it will contain 7 principal research articles addressing aspects of British Isles archaeology from the Neolithic to the Middle Ages.