Death & Memory – Past & Present


Professor Howard Williams Editor of The Archaeological Journal
Professor Howard Williams, as Honorary Editor of the Archaeological Journal, May 2016

I have served as editor of a number of special issues of journals and I was until recently Honorary Editor for the Archaeological Journal.

I am now founder and co-editor (with Liam Delaney) of the brand-new online open-access journal, the Offa’s Dyke Journal. 

Volume 4: Guy, B., Williams, H. and Delaney, L. (eds) 2022. Borders in Early Medieval Britain: Offa’s Dyke Journal 4.

ODJ4 cover 750 pixels wide

Volume 3: Williams, H. and Delaney, L. (eds) 2021, Offa’s Dyke Journal 3.


Volume 2: Williams, H. and Delaney, L. (eds) 2020. Offa’s Dyke Journal 2. 

ODJ - Volume 2 21-03-20 - 750pixels wide

Volume 1: Williams, H. and Delaney, L. (eds) 2019. Offa’s Dyke Journal 1. Print copies can be purchased here.

ODJ Cover

Offa's Dyke Journal logo

Williams, H. and Richardson, L. 2018. Death in the Contemporary World: Perspectives from Public Archaeology, AP Online Journal of Public Archaeology Special Issue 3.



Williams, H. (ed.) 2017 Archaeological Journal vol. 174 for 2017

Williams, H. (guest ed.) 2016. Special issue: Mortuary citations: Death and Memory in the Viking World, European Journal of Archaeology 19(3)


Williams, H. (ed.) 2016. Archaeological Journal vol. 173 for 2016

IMG_20160701_143109Williams, H. (ed.) 2015. Archaeological Journal vol. 172 for 2015

Williams, H. (ed.) 2014. Archaeological Journal vol. 171 for 2014

Williams, H. (ed.) 2013. Archaeological Journal vol. 170 for 2013

Williams, H. (ed.) 2012 Archaeological Journal 169 for 2012

IMG_20160701_143945Williams, H. (ed.) 2011. Reviews, in Archaeological Journal 168 for 2011

Williams, H. (guest ed.) 2011. Archaeologists on Contemporary Death: Mortality Special Issue, 16.2

Effros, B. & Williams, H. (guest eds) 2008. Early Medieval Material Culture in the Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Imagination. Early Medieval Europe 16(1). 126 pages

Semple, S. and Williams, H. (eds) 2007. Early Medieval Mortuary Practices: Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology & History 14. Oxford: Oxford University Committee for Archaeology.  400 pages.


Bradley, R. and Williams, H. 1998 The Past in the Past: the Reuse of Ancient Monuments, World Archaeology 30(1)

World Archaeologyeme            mortality      IMG_3004ejacov

2 thoughts on “Journals

  1. I’m looking for the complete Contents to ‘The Archaeological Journal’, volume 151, 1994. Might you know what they were or where it is available? Thanks – Paul

    1. Hi Paul. That is a good question. Currently the ADS are hosting online for free vols 1-120 and members of the RAI have online access for this century’s journals. Vol. 151 is available currently print only and it is available through most university libraries. The abbreviated contents are;

      Moore-Colywer, R.J. The horse in British prehistory: some speculations
      Harding. A.F. and Ostooje-Zagorski, J.: Prehistoric and early medieval activity on Danby Rigg, North Yorkshire.
      MacKie, E.: Gurness and Midhowe Broches in Orkney: some problems of misinterpretation.
      Fulford, M.G. and Rippon, S.J.: Lowbury Hill, Oxon.: A Re-assessment of the Probable Romano-Celtic Temple and the Anglo-Saxon Barrow
      Steedman, K.: Excavation of a Saxon Site at Riby Cross Roads, Lincolnshire.
      Brown, D.L. and Wilson, D.: Leominster Old Priory: Recording Standing Buildings and Excavations 1979-80.
      Ballantyne, A. et al. : Wall-paintings at North Mymms Park, Hertfordshire.
      Miele, C.: The West Front of Rochester Cathedral in 1824: Antiquarianism, Historicism and the Restoration of Medieval Buildings

      There are also five shorter contributions by John Edwards, Mike Parker Pearson, Martin Millett, Matthew Johnson and M. W Thompson.

      I hope that helps.

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