Archaeology, Mortality & Material Culture

Research and Publications

IMG_20170514_082754[1]Professor Howard Williams has been publishing on archaeological topics since 1997, just after he completed the MA Burial Archaeology at the University of Reading. During his PhD years (1996-1999), Howard started publishing research papers on his MA thesis and related topics, investigating the location and landscape settings of early Anglo-Saxon cemeteries.

Soon after, Howard finished his PhD on early Anglo-Saxon cremation practices. He published developed versions of elements of the thesis in different venues for the next c. 8 years. During this time, Howard began field projects and broader investigations of cremation practices in past societies. Howard also initiated further investigations of death, memory and material culture through the fields of early medieval archaeology, mortuary archaeology, community archaeology and contemporary archaeology.

Professor Williams has published c. 80 journal articles and book chapters, 6 edited books, 3 special issues of journals and 1 monograph. He is also a regular composer of notes, magazine articles and book reviews.

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