Yesterday, doctoral researcher Brian Costello and I represented the Department of History and Archaeology at the third University Archaeology Day, held in the Clore Centre at the British Museum (Saturday 12th October 2019). See my post on the previous UAD here.

Breakfast at Crewe station

It was an exhausting and long, fun and profitable day in London promoting archaeology as a subject through a series of stalls and public talks aimed at potential University students but also wider public engagement.

My Manx Viking ‘Sandy’, and Canon Conan from Norton Priory, insisted on coming along and helping out!

Conan and Sandy were very excited about coming along.
Our humble display

This year, we were giving half a table rather than a full table, so we brought down less stuff. Still we had leaflets, pens and a zap stand, plus lots of enthusiasm. Furthermore, we had the advantage of two of us present to personnel the stall, meaning that when I was away giving my talk (on the theme of ‘Death and the Vikings’) there was still someone there. Things were cosier but just as friendly, snug next to Winchester!

Thanks to Jennifer French, Charlotte Frearson, Andy Gardner, Carl Heron and all the other student volunteers and helpers, BM staff and supporters, who made the day a success, as well as the work of the other universities and organisations who helped make the day worthwhile. It was good to meet not only potential undergraduate students, but also potential Masters and PhD students too!

Two of the team of volunteers helping out for #UAD19

I didn’t get much time to look around the British Museum, but I couldn’t resist a quick few ‘selfies’ (with the help of Brian for the Franks Casket) of some of my favourite Anglo-Saxon artefacts on display.

Me (left), Lowther Anglo-Saxon cross-shaft (left)
Weland, Christ and me!