Six years ago I composed a post outlining the wide range of memorial dimensions to the National Trust site of Bodnant Gardens. I’ve since been back many times but rarely has my walk led me to the Poem: the late 19th-century neo-Gothic mausoleum of the McLaren family designed by Pochin that I briefly described in the aforementioned post.

Here I wish to simply record better photographs of the dramatic situation of this crenellated west-east orientated funerary chapel, perched above the dell to its west, and framed by a steep stream to its south. Approached down steps from the east towards a single double door beneath a Romanesque arch, it is a dramatic, prominent yet seculded garden burial place of an aristocratic family.

In addition, I peeked within the grated door to see the niches with their neo-Classical busts and plaques within niches around the walls.

It is the kind of medievalism fit for Minas Tirith. I’d half expected to peer within and find Denethor burning Faramir!