When is it ok to photograph funerary monuments and memorials situated in public places? Well, I won’t publish images of private gardens and houses, but this memorial is on unenclosed rough grazing land and on a public right of way in Denbighshire. It is fully visible on Google Street View. Hence, I think it appropriate to share it as a distinctive creation of a privately created memorial landscape for the cremated dead in a public location beside a major road and a popular roadside cafe.

A series of shallow ponds have been dug with an island at their centre. On the island are a modestly high number of memorials around a pair of conifers. It is a veritable island for the cremated dead!

Close to the Horseshoe Pass, this is a landscape replete in memorial locations where ashes are scattered, but also a hotspot for road deaths. Close by, a short walk from the car park of the cafe, I spotted a fresh and bright out-of-season planting amidst the heather and gorse… presumably another location of cremation burial or ash scattering?