The Archaeology and Heritage of Death & Memory


In addition to my doctoral thesis, now available online via EThOS, I have authored and edited a number of published edited collections and one monograph. Here they are listed here in order of publication.

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Williams, H., Wills-Eve, B. and Osborne, J. (eds) 2018. The Public Archaeology of Death, Sheffield: Equinox.


Cerezo-Román, J., Wessman, A. and Williams, H. (eds) 2017. Cremation and the Archaeology of Death, Oxford: Oxford University Press.


Williams, H. and Giles, M. (eds) 2016. Archaeologists and the Dead, Oxford: Oxford University Press.9780198753537

Williams, H., Kirton, J. and Gondek, M. 2015. Early Medieval Stone Monuments: Materiality, Biography, Landscape. Woodbridge: Boydell and Brewer.


Sayer, D. & Williams, H. (eds) 2009. Mortuary Practices & Social Identities in the Middle Ages: Essays in Burial Archaeology in Honour of Heinrich Härke. Exeter: University of Exeter Press. 306 pages.


Semple, S. and Williams, H. (eds) 2007. Early Medieval Mortuary Practices: Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology & History 14. Oxford: Oxford University Committee for Archaeology.  400 pages.


Williams, H. 2006. Death & Memory in Early Medieval Britain, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 268 pages. (paperback reprint, 2010).


Williams, H. (ed.) 2003. Archaeologies of Remembrance: Death and Memory in Past Societies, New York: Springer.


Williams, H. 2000. ‘The Burnt Germans of the Age of Iron’: An Analysis of Early Anglo-Saxon Cremation Practices. Unpublished Doctoral Thesis, Reading: University of Reading.




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