The Offa’s Dyke Collaboratory is a research network which works with the Offa’s Dyke Association to foster and promote research into the Anglo-Welsh borderlands and its linear monuments, as well as comparative investigations of borderlands and frontiers, past and present.

I co-founded and I co-convene the Collaboratory. You can join the Collaboratory for not fee by emailing me:

Check out the details on the Offa’s Dyke Collaboratory WordPress website including regular blog-posts and a list of members and convenors.

The context and rationale for the Collaboratory is published in the Offa’s Dyke Journal volume 1 for 2019 including a review of its inaugural meeting in Shrewsbury in 2017 and events through 2018 and 2019. This piece also introduces the Offa’s Dyke Journal itself, including a discussion of its naming and sponsors. Read it here.

Volume 2 for 2020 included an update about the Collaboratory’s activities and events during 2020, including reflections on the Offa’s Dyke in politics and popular culture during the Coronavirus Pandemic and the colonial countryside of Offa’s Dyke and Wat’s Dyke. Read it here.

Volume 3 for 2021 includes a review of the Collaboratory’s activities during the year 2021. Read it here.

Each of volumes 1-3 are fully open access online and available for purchase as paperbacks from Archaeopress.

2022 updates

In 2022, meetings and plans have taken place, but no public events have been organised. One key piece of news is that we welcome Dr Andy Seaman of Cardiff University who has joined the Collaboratory as a co-convenor. I cannot represent the activities of all the other co-convenors, but here are the significant developments relate to the Offa’s Dyke Journal and the Offa’s Dyke Collaboratory blog I’ve been involved in:

That’s all for now, but hopefully I will be able to relay news of more events and activities shortly!