The book project by interview progresses! Focusing on Viking Age western Norway, the twelfth interview for the Cremation in the Early Middle Ages book project was with Dr Leszek Gardeła whom we had previously interviewed on western Slavic mortuary practices.

The collection will consider new approaches to cremation practices in early medieval NW Europe, co-edited by myself and Femke Lippok (Leiden University). This will be a distinctive publication of structured interviews focusing on current and future research.

Here is the list of previous interviews:

Leszek identified the specific challenges of interpreting early medieval burial data in western Norway and Norway as a whole, including poor bone survival and often limited contextual information from antiquarian and early archaeological finds. He addressed this in relation to one specific and striking cemetery, from Myklebostad. Leszek also suggested new perspectives on the interpretation of mortuary performances and their elemental/landscape dimensions.

With 12 interviews now completed, the book is really shaping up, and we are especially grateful to Leszek for sharing his expertise on two separate regions! We have a handful of interviews still to arrange and record, and then editing will move forward with all seriousness!