This post is merely to celebrate a rare instance where the wider Twitterverse actually liked a tweet I put out!

In this case, I jumped on a wider meme of sharing the ‘House of Gucci‘ London red carpet premiere photograph of Lady Gaga, Jared Leto and Adam Driver and comparing the actors’ contrasting and striking attire and coiffures inspired by the subject of the film to contrasting academic concepts, theories, methods, subdisciplines, specialists and practitioners.

Adopting this for archaeology, I decided upon Gaga as ‘prehistorian’, Leto as ‘early medievalist’ and Driver as ‘Roman archaeologists’ but there are so many other options and many jumped on with their own takes. Take a look. All in good fun and humour I hope!

I should also point out my follow-up quote-tweet:

Regarding top replies, I’d like to specifically shout-out about Scott’s:

And for those Beowulf fans:

Marta’s works just as well!

As does Colleen’s!

And yet another:

While these are all very much a series of ever-more niche insider academic and professional jokes for those ‘in the know’ about particular caricatures circulating regarding subdisciplines and topics, they needn’t be seen as snobbish and exclusory. Not only do we have to laugh at ourselves occasionally, I think this kind of meme archaeology can have a wider educational and public engagement role as long as folks don’t take it seriously and literally (if that is even possible). It’s certainly something I’m far from adept at and struggle to utilise effectively, but I have deployed now on TikTok more than via gifs and still-images on Twitter. Sometimes social media can be fun!