We come from the land of the ice and snow
From the midnight sun where the grass we mow

Robert iPlant

That’s it: that’s the entire blog-post.

I wanted to share with you my encounter with a sign explaining that parts of the National Trust’s Bodnant Gardens are being mown by Viking iMow!

Now, ever since Harald Bluetooth invented wireless technology, and Ubba invented the taxi app, we’ve long known that the Vikings were advanced. But who knew they reaped blades of grass as well as the heads of monks and war-booty?

Yes, we now have evidence for Viking robotic mowers?!

I didn’t get to see the mower in action but I am keen to learn its nickname. Do they call it Ragnar Lawn-brok? Or maybe Bjorn Grass-side? Ivar the Cordless? Harald Fine-mow? Lawngertha? Rollo-ver the Grass? Leif Swardsson? Turf-Hrapp? The possibilities are endless!

Whatever it is, it is another Vikingism: a reception of the roving Norse in a contemporary heritage setting.