Having been on the English Heritage podcast recently talking about the ‘Dark Ages‘, I’m delighted to extend my podcasting fame by joining Dr Catrine Jarman on her ‘Going Medieval’ podcast with History Hit!

In ‘the walls that made Wales’ I of course discuss Offa’s Dyke, but I was keen to flag up work on the arguably more interesting and enigmatic Wat’s Dyke.

This of course serves to promote the recently launched “What’s Wat’s Dyke? Wrexham Comic Heritage Trail” which I’ve released with archaeological illustrator John G. Swogger as well as my ongoing work publishing and editing on early medieval linear monuments, including the production of the Offa’s Dyke Journal and my contributions to the book Public Archaeologies of Frontiers and Borderlands.

In addition, I’m writing up aspects of my ongoing original research on Wat’s Dyke for publication very soon and there is exciting work being done on Wat’s Dyke by other members of the Offa’s Dyke Collaboratory!

As Cat says ‘give Wat’s Dyke some more love’ by listening to this podcast and following the work of the Offa’s Dyke Collaboratory on Wat’s Dyke and other linear earthworks.