I was back in IGTV with Dr Emma J. Wells far sooner than I anticipated today exploring all things to do with medieval myth-busting.

Check out my April appearance via this earlier post.

I discuss some of my thoughts on medieval myths posed by listeners.

Frustratingly, we only got part-way through when a glitch took place and our connection was broken! Then, to add insult to injury, the second half didn’t save!

So here is the first-half only of our discussions where we muse about long-distance connections the Middle Ages, the stature of medieval people, crime and violence Emma has promised to get me back next Monday at 1pm to have another go! So watch this space and I will add the second link here too!

For more on my somewhat heretical attitude to medieval myths and myth-busting, check out my earlier post: ‘I believe in horned helmets!’

I then came back to record a further session, you can watch this below in two parts, exploring Viking warrior women, the Battle of Brunanburh, horned helmets and much more.

Thanks again to Emma for the invitation for a conversation!