Well, I said I wasn’t going to be blogging on here for a while because of the ongoing campaign to save my job and those of my colleagues. For the petition to sign in our support, follow this link!

However, it makes sense to let you know that I’ve just been invited to talk on Natasha Billson’s amazing ‘Behind the Trowel’ YouTube channel. Having recently appeared on the TV programme The Story of Welsh Art discussing early medieval stone crosses, I thought a great theme to explore would be early medieval stone monuments and memory. So the episode is called: ‘Memories in Stone with Early Medievalist Prof. Howard Williams’. Check it out below.

I talk with Tash about my research on various different aspects of the archaeology of early medieval stone monuments focusing on the themes of materiality, biography and landscape, building on my 2015 edited collection you can buy at a fabulous cheap price of £25 from Boydell here. In particular, I tackled hogback stones, the Wayland scenes on Yorkshire crosses and recumbent stones, and the Pillar of Eliseg. I also included a shout-out to the Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture and the Manx National Heritage Sketchfab site with early medieval carved stone monuments.

Thanks Tash for not only giving me a chance to speak about a theme in early medieval archaeology I love, but also for promoting our petition to save our jobs!