Archaeology and heritage teaching and research at the University of Chester as a long and proven track-record of excellence. We deliver a high-quality and highly rated set of undergraduate, postgraduate taught and postgraduate research programmes, all recognised nationally and internationally. Staff have won multiple awards for both our teaching and research.

Our academic work supports and promotes the society and economy of Chester and its regions (North Wales, West Midlands, North West England) as well as contributing towards global debates and themes in archaeology and heritage studies.

Our students deploy their degrees to enter a range of careers, including academia and the archaeology and heritage sector. Post-COVID, the UK needs trained archaeologists and heritage professionals like those provided by our programmes!

However, academic staff delivering this excellence and employed by the University of Chester were sent ‘at risk’ notifications on the evening of Thursday 1 April 2021.

We are collectively upset and in shock at the timing, character and lack of transparency over these proposed redundancies. Staff have received no details of the proposals and our union, UCU, in consultations on our behalf, have not been shown the business plans which are claimed provide justification for these proposed redundancies.

The current UCU position is to oppose all compulsory redundancies at the University of Chester.

This development is particularly frustrating and demoralising given the unsurpassed collective efforts of staff to continue our research and enhance and innovate our teaching during the last 12 months of pandemic lockdowns. We committed to this extra work to the benefit of our institution, partners and students through an unprecedent international crisis.

The time is now to respond to this attempt to damage and degrade our ongoing and important work by celebrating our past successes and recognising our ongoing achievements.

As the first stage of our campaign to promote and support our academic work, we have created new Twitter, Facebook and WordPress sites called ‘ArchaeologyChester’. Via these channels, we will provide regular news and information about archaeology and heritage staff by our staff.

Please support us by following these sites to lobby for our survival.

The new WordPress site will provide news, updates and reflections by staff and students specialising in archaeology and heritage at the University of Chester, serving to celebrate and promote our versatile, exciting and dynamic degree programmes to audiences far and wide:

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