It came to my attention a few days ago, as reported in the Irish Times, that Vikings Splash Tours in Dublin, featuring tours in which one can wear genuine plastic horned helmets sitting in authentic yellow-painted vintage ex-military DUKW amphibious vehicles around both the streets of Dublin and a plunge into the Liffey, faces liquidation thanks to the global coronavirus pandemic.

Note: horned helmets

Now, I’ve never had the opportunity to go on one of the tours, and this must now be added to one of many things I never got to do before the coronavirus pandemic and perhaps I will never get to do. This makes me sad.

However, at least I did take some photographs of the splendid DUKWships (DUKkar?) when last in Dublin in September 2019. Watching the Viking Splash Tours yellow ‘longships’ in action was a magnificent site. And so I share them here, for whether they are liquidated or sail again on dramatic amphibious adventures, I think they embody the best of Viking fun in contemporary popular culture, unbridled by guyliner and ominous soundtracks. I for one will miss them when they are gone. At least there are still fabulous galleries full of archaeological finds from Viking Dublin still in the National Museum of Ireland

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