Today, I visited Pentre Broughton and Moss, Wrexham, during my daily exercise. I used the opportunity to explore the churchyard of St Paul’s (built 1888), as well as the adjacent community cemetery and two nearby abandoned chapel graveyards. More on these in other posts.

I also used the opportunity to record a video for my new YouTube channel, a retrospective on my first edited journal issue: volume 30(1) of World Archaeology co-edited with Professor Richard Bradley on the theme of ‘The Past in the Past: The Reuse of Ancient Monuments’.

The rationale for recording this video at this location is the fact that the church and its churchyard, on the hill between Brymbo steelworks and the Westminster colliery, occupies the site of an Iron Age hillfort: Bryn Y Gaer (PRN 100385). Largely destroyed by quarrying and housing development, the eastern boundary of the churchyard follows the line of the ramparts which are just about discernible.

IMG_20200426_093908So within a churchyard situated inside an Iron Age hillfort, I reviewed the World Archaeology special issue and argued that the research theme remains active and vibrant, with plenty of questions remaining to be explored on how past societies perceived and engaged with the material traces of earlier times.

‘The Past in the Past: The Reuse of Ancient Monuments’ can be downloaded from JSTOR: or Taylor & Francis: You can even buy a print copy: