Buy the Offa’s Dyke Journal volume 1 here.

Designed by me, and co-edited with Liam Delaney, the JAS-published Offa’s Dyke Journal‘s volume 1 was available online in December 2019. This new open access digital publication project is linked to the Offa’s Dyke Collaboratory and aims to provide a venue for new research on the archaeology, history and heritage of frontier and borderlands, past and present, with a particular focus on the Anglo-Welsh borderlands. It also contains ‘classics revisited’ papers which show-case some of the most important surveys of key themes and issues about early medieval linear earthworks, republished in the journal with extra illustrations and in a new format.


Currently, Liam and I are working on the contents of volume 2, schedule for publication in the autumn of 2020.  Yet, there is one exciting further development to report about the first volume.

The content remains open-access and you can download the entire volume or individual articles from the JAS website for the journal here. In addition, in liaison with Archaeopress publishing, we have published a print edition available for purchase via the Archaeopress website. I must say Archaeopress have done a great job with it!

So whether via the digital JAS version, or the print Archaeopress version, the Offa’s Dyke Journal has arrived as an exciting new publication venue.


The Call for Papers for volume 2 may have passed, but the Call for Papers for volume 3 will soon be announced! For more details about the Offa’s Dyke Journal check out the website here.