I’ve previously discussed the phenomenon of ‘love locks’ in regards the Queen’s Park Bridge in Chester here and here. David Holmes of Cheshire Live has afforded us an update regarding the memorial dimensions of this Cestrian footbridge here. For while the bridge itself is a focus of ongoing additions of love-locks, balanced by their cutting by the council, in September a charity initiative appended a different, themed set of butterfly memorials. They are part of Glow Gold September charity project to transform landmarks and buildings, the bridge has been adorned with temporary golden butterfly memorials commemorating children who have perished from cancer. Each butterfly bears a message of love and loss by parents of dead children.

I am reminded of my visits to Dutch cemeteries and the many representations of butterflies, especially associated with child’s graves therein.

Regarding the location, it is clear that while love locks will come and go, as fashion changes and as councils enforce their removal, the association of water and memory persists on bridges, seasides, lakesides and riversides.