Building directly on the publication of the first volume of the brand-new open-access publication: the Offa’s Dyke Journal in which our work features, Astrid, Frauke, Liam and I are pleased to be organised a timely and important academic conference session entitled ‘Establishing Boundaries: Linear Earthworks, Frontiers and Borderlands in Early Medieval Europe’ at the EAA 2020 conference in Budapest, 26-30 August.

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This MERC-sponsored session invites speakers to explore the creation, transformation and afterlives of frontiers and borderlands, including their social, economic and ideological significance. We are particularly interested in the roles and significance of linear monuments in these processes and perceptions of dividing and controlling landscapes, including their connections to territoriality (or not), their integration with broader frontier networks, and their ideological . Furthermore, heritage conservation, management and interpretation strategies are a focus too, as well as portrayals and representations in popular culture.


Are you doing research on frontiers and borderlands in the Early Middle Ages? Do you have perspectives of relevance from other periods? Pitch a talk via the EAA website!


Deadline: 13th February 2020.