Opened in 2017, the smart new Flesland airport, serving Bergen and its district, incorporates a fabulous new two-tiered approach and using it was a very positive experience. In particular, I just loved the super-zippy tram linking it to the city centre. I was very impressed specifically by the fact that every tram-stop had its own jingle.



IMG_20191106_174538Yet the main reason I’m posting is that this brand-new airport terminal incorporates a fresh memorial linked to patriotic military aviation: a statue and plaque honouring Kaptein Per Hysing-Dahl (b. 1920 – d. 1989). His career is outlined on the plaque, describing him as a ‘powerful symbol for all Norwegians’. He served in the RAF’s Special Duty Squadron based at Tempsford (Beds) from whence he flew sorties supplying local resistance groups in mainland Europe against the Nazi occupation. He was shot down over the Channel but survived to be picked up by a US Navy warship. Subsequently, he was a politician. It concludes with the statement that Hysing-Dahl stands as a symbol for all Norwegians who fought from the air in the Second World War: ‘our liberty is due to their sacrifice, and for this we are deeply grateful’.


This is therefore a brand-new example of patriotic airport memorialisation linked to the Second World War, given pride of place framing the entrances/exits from the main terminal plaza.