I rarely go for souvenirs, but on returning through Bergen airport following my recent trip to the University there to examine a PhD, I had a moment of weakness when I saw this cuddly little axe-and-shield-wielding, horned-helmeted, gender-neutral half-sheep/half-Viking ball of cuddles! Isn’t it cute!

This beastly baa-barian is my pet now forever. Perhaps they might even be the clue to a new historical and archaeological truth about ‘Viking ancestry’ and horned helmets. The latter are often derided as merely ‘myth’ by many fact-checky academicidal pedanto-boffins! Now tell me, is it merely a coincidence that the Vikings are commonly represented as horned helmeted in popular culture? Not everyone can be lying about this! It cannot be fake news! There’s no smoke without fire and the baa-barian, in all its ovoid ovicaprid/valiant Norse goodness, is surely further evidence that the truth is out there, and that the truth too wears a horned helmet and is laughing at your denial of its historical reality! For more horned helmet madness, follow this link.

NB: I say ‘gender-neutral’ but that only works if it is a nose protruding through the fluff…