In a recent post I presented my photograph of the modest and crude circle-headed cross found in 2000 during rebuilding work and now installed inside the east wall of St Cyngar’s church in Hope, Flintshire. This is Professor Nancy Edwards’ F5, and I reflected on the fact that the heritage information on display in the church is derived from her exhaustive corpus of early medieval stone sculpture from North Wales.

Also in that post, I admitted I didn’t take good photographs of the other two monuments of likely early medieval date and incorporated into the external stonework of the building: Edwards’  F6 and F7 (Edwards 2013: 357-359).

Well, this morning I had to pop by Hope and, whilst the bell-ringers practised, I said hello again to the ‘sheep of death’ and I took these basic shots of F6 and F7. Transferred to black-and-white, and with the contrast ramped up,  you get a good impression of these sandstone fragments, traces of what might have originally been grave-covers of Viking-period date (9th-11th centuries AD) and originally lain over Christian graves around a far earlier church than the present one.



Edwards, N. 2013. A Corpus of Early Medieval Inscribed Stones and Stone Sculpture in Wales. Volume III: North Wales. Cardiff: University of Wales Press.