I’m pleased to announce my latest co-authored research output has just been published in an edited collection called Objects of the Past in the Past. Edited by Matt Knight, Dot Boughton and Rachel Wilkinson, the book is open-access via the Archaeopress website and available for purchase too and presents a solid and original range of studies exploring the ‘afterlives’ of prehistoric and early historic artefacts.

The chapter ‘Rethinking heirlooms in early medieval graves’ is co-authored by, and features the work of, doctoral researcher Brian Costello. Brian and I explore the phenomenon of old artefacts in early Anglo-Saxon furnished inhumation graves in east Kent, reviewing past approaches and advocating a distinctive perspective on ‘heirlooms’ deployed in funerary contexts during the later 5th and 6th centuries AD.

Costello, B. and Williams, H. 2019. Rethinking heirlooms in early medieval graves, in M.G. Knight, D. Boughton and R.E. Wilkinson (eds) Objects of the Past in the Past: Investigating the Significance of Earlier Artefacts in Later Contexts. Oxford: Archaeopress. pp. 115–130.