Back in October I reflected on the love-locks and ribbons on The Queen’s Park Bridge, Chester, in relation to other examples I’ve discussed before in Liverpool and Saltney. I went back to the Queen’s Park Bridge and discovered that the love-locks are growing again. This small sample reveals how, as well as emotional expressions, they varying considerably in their detail. from purpose-bought and professionally inscribed, to those with permanent marker pen added to shop-bought padlocks.

Then there is the issue of the precise position of their placement. Some love-locks appear to be pairings – affording material relationships between different expressions: perhaps some celebrating friendships and relationships, others commemorating lost loved ones.


These examples augmented my argument that they are as much about relationships with the lost and the dead as much as expressions of enduring relationships among those still alive at the time of placement. This one example makes my point. Here I’m showing you two sides of the same padlock. Clearly this isn’t a message for a living person, but a mother who has passed away.MEBD9243