I’m delighted to announce, that well under 3 years from the Dead Relevant conference that gave birth to it, my latest co-edited collection is published and available on pre-order: The Public Archaeology of Death. See previous discussion of this book project on this blog here and here.

This is the third edited collection I’ve helped publish exploring different dimensions of the public mortuary archaeology: here defined as the intersections of archaeologies of death, memory and commemoration with contemporary publics and politics. In 2016, I co-edited Archaeologists and the Dead. More recently, I’ve published a special issue of the journal AP titled: Death in the Contemporary World: Perspectives from Public Archaeology. 

This new issue is created in collaboration with two student editors: Ben Wills-Eve and Jennifer Osborne. The book explores a range of original themes in the public archaeology of mortuary practices, including many papers on early medieval and cross-period themes. Details of the book are here.

Equinox – Sheffield-based academic publishers – have produced the volume. They have a pre-order offer: Quote the code Public to receive 25% off when ordering from the book page.