The King’s Men stone circle at Rollright is currently populated with contemporary art, but nearby is something far more evocative still. I refer to the sculpture of the Three Fairies.   They are dancing, arm in arm, on the edge of the enclosure to the south of the stone circle. Made of lime, ivy, willow and hazel, the figures were composed and installed by David and Adam Gosling in 2017.


Inspired by William Blake’s painting of the fairies Oberon, Titania and Puck from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, it shows the Rollright Trust, whose board members include two eminent archaeologists, continue to foster art projects at this multi-focal prehistoric ceremonial site. It follows an earlier sculpture on the site installed in 2012: the Rollright witch.

I don’t regularly relate to art in an emotive fashion, but this is eerie! The sculpture is responding to the folklore vibe of the Rollright Stones. I kid you not: the figures freak me out – in a good way!