For my #UAD2018 talk , I decided to offer a case study of my ongoing research interests in the interconnections between fictional worlds, public mortuary archaeology and contemporary mortuary archaeology. Indeed, on this blog I’ve published 32 posts about aspects of the ‘mortuary archaeology’ of the AMC series The Walking Dead. At the University Archaeology Day, I attempted to use TWD as a case study of how we, as archaeologists, can explore the material cultures, memorials, cemeteries and burial landscapes depicted in horror fiction on television as a medium for thinking about, and engaging new publics in, mortuary archaeology.

This is work in progress, and I haven’t published it yet. Still, in addition to reading over my 32 posts to date, I here collate my slides from the #UAD2018 talk where I suggest that in addition to the iconic representations from past cultures deployed in the UAD18 logo, we can add a more recent and chewy zombie dimension to mortuary archaeological research…

Would you believe I got through these 47 slides in 20 minutes?


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