Well, my blog is now 5 years old as of this week past.

Yes, on 12th June 2013 I wrote and posted my first entry. 

Since that time, I’ve composed 1,021 blog posts on various aspects of my mortuary archaeological research, as well as field visits to landscapes, monuments, memorials, cemeteries and other prehistoric and historic features. I’ve also discussed mortuary archaeology in the media and at heritage sites and museums. Furthermore, I’ve engaged with mortuary archaeology themes in sci-fi, historical dramas and horror.

Oh and so much more…

I composed a retrospective back in January, so I don’t want to go over again my ‘Archaeodeath Top-Ten’ or the context of my research. Check out the earlier blog for these points.

In terms of reception, I reached almost 100,000 views in 2017, and I’m on track to match that figure for 2018. I get many positive comments and contributions of clarification and further interest.

The occasional angry comments are either perplexing or hilarious. For example, one Trump supporter called me a ‘sad angry liberal goose stepping nazi’ and another stated ‘in the grand scheme of things you, sir, are a pimple of the butt of time.’

So it seems I have a moderately successfully medium for debating mortuary archaeology online, at the very least it reaches more people than who can come to my public talks, my lectures and read my academic outputs. Also, I hope it serves to promote my research but also my teaching, including my role as programme leader for the MA Archaeology of Death and Memory

I’m still unsure whether I will continue this blog for another 5 years, but I find it useful for myself and that is the underlying motive to keep doing it. Beyond that, we can but see what I write about and how my research interests evolve. I simply endeavour to repeatedly return to established topics with new insights and examples and to develop into new areas of research. The results can look eclectic, even if the links to the blog theme are evident in my mind and the ‘Categories’ allow you to navigate various themes through the blog.

To illustrate the range of topics I take on, just take a look at the posts of June 2018 thus far:

Even I cannot predict what will come next! This is because I blog when the mood takes me, and I have a ‘back-blog’ of c. 70 posts I might one day feel like posting.

So stay with me and I hope you enjoy the blog-posts to be!