And so it goes on: both the lager consumption and the themed Viking cans from Danish brewers Faxe, who pride themselves in brewing beer for ‘real men’ and celebrating their ‘Viking’ heritage.

Here’s my third. A horned helmet, scantily clad women, and some kind of inauguration by a priest or whatever with a mega-beard.

All part of the story I guess, but the significance of this one escapes me. Perhaps I care too much!? Perhaps I should just embrace the fantastical celebration of the bestowal of power upon men, with adoring women looking on.

At least there is a vaguely plausible depiction of an oval brooch… And is that a niello-inlaid silver axe stuck into that warrior’s belt? He’s definitely wearing a Thor’s hammer pendant!

As Asterix would say: “these Vikings are crazy…”