So I’ve started collecting cans of Viking-themed Danish lager from my local Lidl. The first one I acquired represents a feasting scene in a hall.

Not really a topic worthy of a ‘serious’ blog post you might say? Well, I make the rules.

Anyway, who said semi-clad Viking females plucking at lyres and dancing with knives, and muscle-bound warriors quaffing booze and gods fighting giants are anything but serious?

Incidentally, I can’t wait to see their depiction of Lagertha! Get  it? Lager-tha. Ho ho.

Anyway, here is the result of the continuation of my weekend of Faxe lager saga!

This latest lager can represents the god Thor wielding Mjolnir, and one-handed Tyr, together in Thor’s chariot on the left side of the logo. On the right side we see Tanngrisnir and Tanngnostr – the goats that bear the chariot – with a scary demonic look about them. They seem to be up against frost-giants, so maybe this is Ragnarok, although they seem to be carrying along a massive cauldron of foaming lager…

Look at those red-heads and red-beards. Seriously ginger Viking gods!

Anyway, it is more evidence of how the most cheesy and macho stylised versions of Norse mythology permeate our society via the medium of alcohol alongside much else.