Last year saw the publication of a co-edited book: Cremation and the Archaeology of DeathI’m delighted to learn that my co-editor, Dr Jessica I. Cerezo-Román has received a prize from her institution for the book: The Golden Leaf. Congratulations Jessica on your well-deserved prize!

I first met Jessica at the Amerind Museum in Arizona where we were both attending a seminar on cremation in archaeology that subsequently became a book: Transformation by Fire edited by Ian Kuijt, Colin P. Quinn and Gabriel Cooney. In the book, we each presented our own chapters as well as co-authoring a further chapter on future directions in the archaeology of cremation.

Subsequently, Jessica and I teamed up with Dr Anna Wessman to organise an EAA session at Helsinki: ‘Cremation in European Archaeology’ in 2012. This conference session was the inspiration for the 2017 book. We began planning the book in 2013 and it took a full 4 years to pull together and publish, having first being messed around and dumped without warning by one academic publisher, and then securing a prestigious contract with Oxford University Press.

Dr Amy  Gray Jones (a contributor to the book) and myself presented public lectures at Denbighshire Crematorium as a way of launching the book in the UK as part of Dying Awareness Week last year. I’m delighted to see it get a prize 12 months later.

Hey, why not even buy a copy for yourself! 

Dr Jessica receiving her award