I’ve been cooped up all day at home whilst it has snowed outside. I’ve been marking student assignments and answering emails, and dealing with various research projects. Nothing special…

Anyway, I decided to go on a late-evening walk in the snow and freezing wind. I ended up at Holy Trinity church, Gwersyllt, and tried my hand at some crude night-time photography.

I’ve walked past the churchyard during the day and the night before, but never thought to have my digital SLR with me until now.

In a desperate bid to justify my poor photography, I think the blurring adds a certain atmosphere of its own. And you’ll notice that some of the graves are lit by streetlights, adding a further dimension.

I was particularly struck by the appearance of the low cremation memorials, disappearing in relatively light snow, but still intensely colourful with their flowers and other offerings.