Back in June, I wrote a brief review of my archaeological publications on the archaeology of death and memory, medieval archaeology, the history of archaeology, public archaeology and contemporary archaeology for just over 20 years (1997-2016). I did this to take stock for myself, and to reflect on my endeavors in communicating my archaeological research.

This is an annual update incorporating 2017 reviewing on my last 21 years of archaeological publishing.

So far in my career, I’ve participated solely, or in collaboration with a range of colleagues, in the production of the following:

  1. 46 book chapters, from 1999
  2. 38 journal articles, from 1998
  3. 11 edited journals/special issues of journals, from 1998
  4. 6 edited books & 1 monograph, from 2003

Publications take a lot of energy and time, and outputs can take years, sometimes decades, to finally see the light of day. I have many failings and delays too; projects that remain unfinished, and these of course don’t appear.

This is a crude way of representing very diverse topics and venues of publication, including field-based and  desk-based investigations and more theoretical debate pieces. It omits blogs and other popular and public outputs. Still, it serves to give a sense of what I’ve been doing in publication terms. It shows me that I’ve maintained the momentum in terms of publication volume and venue (if crudely judged in terms of peer-review venue).

What for the future? Well, I don’t want to set up a commitment to maintain this volume and character that becomes a rod for my own back. Still, I can promise Archaeodeath readers that I have c. 6 or 7 publications due out in 2018, and a similar number scheduled for 2019, all being well.