In Season 7 of The Walking Dead: graves become a focus of resistance. Gabriel uses the Alexandria cemetery to contrive the death of Maggie. Yet it is the graves of Abraham and Glenn that, paired together, constitute the most important node of resistance, both for their location at the Hilltop colony, the introduction of inhumation into a community that hitherto had only burned their dead, and through their simple wooden stick grave markers and votive offerings in the form of stones and other personal items.

Identifying one from the other isn’t straightforward, and relies on the knowledge of Maggie and Sasha, so that Enid adds green balloons to Abraham’s, rather than Glenn’s, grave. Still, with the addition of Hershel Greene’s fob watch, a gift he’d given to Glenn, portable items bind together and retain the bonds of the living and the dead. Its theft by Gregory reveals his intentions and lack of moral character.

What is clear is how the graves’ placement together and beside the fence of Hilltop, mirroring the location of Alexandria’s cemetery, and their visitation, help foster new social bonds between the living and the dead as their cultivate their resistance to Negan and the Saviours.