Exploring the politics and public archaeology of the Early Middle Ages, the 3rd University of Chester Archaeology Student Conference is held at the Grosvenor Museum, Chester from 9am to 5pm on Wednesday 13th December 2017.

The conference theme is ‘Digging into the Dark Ages‘.

21 final-year single honours Archaeology students and 2 special guest lecturers will spend the day exploring different dimensions of early medieval archaeology’s interactions with contemporary society.

For a fuller rationale and background about these conferences, see my earlier post here.

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The logo is a horned helmet – an icon of the Vikings that I very much ‘believe in’.

The title of the conference includes the controversial term ‘Dark Ages’ – a term riddled with uses and misuses.

Together, conference title and symbol work cleverly in harmony to illuminate popular conceptions and misconceptions of the Early Middle Ages. Meanwhile, the central symbol – a spade digging into earth – materially and metaphorically evokes the ‘digging into’ – the critical engagement with – the uses and abuses of the Early Middle Ages in the contemporary.

I like to think of the conference logo in another way, however. I see the slaying of alt-right fake history white supremacist worms (as they endeavours to appropriate the early medieval past) by the sharp spade of archaeological enquiry.

So well done final-year Archaeology students. I can’t wait for next month’s conference, so much so, I’m been wearing the horned helmet logo in my own office all day!