Destruction can be act of creation, right? I only wish that had been the plan…

My current craze in creating the archaeology in the sky took me to Caergwrle Castle recently and I tried out my photographic experiment flying a replica of the famous 9th-century runestone from Rök, Sweden around the ruins of the 13th-century ruins.

Guess what happened? It broke! I refer to the replica runestone, not the castle I hasten to add….

The original runestone, with me visiting in 2005
The replica runestone
The broken Rök

Still, here is the ‘creative’ result, my very own archaeology of Rök flying about the castle ruins. Also, I do feel that the fragmented monument says something itself. Fragmentation being fragmentary and fragment-creating, and all that jazz.

Fly my pretties!
Before breaking, Rök descends on Caergwrle