Well, I’ve been busy with my professorial duties as usual. As well as various admin jobs, I’m currently dealing with two sets of article proofs coming in, trying to wrap up my next edited book stemming from last year’s Dead Relevant conference, preparing for my talk at Dai Morgan Evans’ memorial event at the Society of Antiquaries of London next month. If that isn’t enough, I’ve been (of course) blogging. I’m also writing new articles and revising ongoing ones in my spare moments.

IMG_20170810_183000Yet despite the summer ‘lull’, the emails and queries still keep coming in for me to deal with and there are numerous projects screaming out to be done. But this is all alongside my trying to keep 5 kids entertained most days. In short, the school summer holidays are rather a distinctive blend of family/work, and that is without committing to summer fieldwork either.

Still, I want to share news of another enterprise. I’ve transformed a corner of the garage into my brand-new updated ‘Archaeoden’. An Archaeoden is a special lair for archaeology professors. It is a space for diging and surveying metaphorically. It is  a space for study and contemplation. A place for musings and writing. A sanctuary away from the maelstrom of the kids.

I’ve re-arranged cleaned and sorted the garage’s contents, re-arranged and re-positioned desks and bookcases. I’ve set up my laptop and my old 1980s hi-fi system.

IMG_20170813_220140Most importantly, I’ve fixed gargantuan shelves to the walls of the garage: sufficient to transform my work office from over-full to simply just full. I’ve fixed them well: they are sturdy enough to carry the weight of many a scholarly tome. It’s taken days and days of on-and-off work between my other tasks, but I’m pleased to finally get it into this solid state and ready for use – at least during the warmer late-summer/early autumn weather conditions.

Thus, this blog formally launches my brand-new ‘Archaeoden’.

To celebrate, I’m spending the evening checking the first proofs of the ‘Smiling Abbot’ article whilst listening back-to-back to the atmospheric soundtracks to Vikings seasons 1-3.