Today is a proud yet sad day for me.

After 5 years and 6 volumes (vols. 169, 170, 171, 172, 173 and now 174), in early May I stepped down as Honorary Editor of theRoyal Archaeological Institute’s  Archaeological Journal.  I’ve been succeeded by the talented and indefatigable Dr Lisa-Marie Shillito of Newcastle University.

Today marked the final nail in my editorial coffin because the print issue of the Archaeological Journal vol. 174 for 2017 arrived in the post.

Volume 174 contains 10 original research articles addressing topics wide-ranging across these islands from the Mesolithic to the present. There is also a review article critiquing the study of medieval Irish art and architecture. Then there is the host of book reviews. Finally, the Summer Meeting Report – a supplement to the journal – reports on the 2016 meeting in Wiltshire and containing up-to-date commentaries on many sites and monuments.

At the RAI’s AGM in May at the Society of Antiquaries of London’s meeting room at Burlington House, the President of the RAI, Professor Tim Champion, thanked me for my hard work and dedication as Honorary Editor. The former President – Professor David Hinton – has also been in touch to say similar kind words, as have various other officers of the Institute. Via email or face-to-face, it has been a wonderful outpouring of best wishes and thanks for my work.

My 6 volume as Honorary Editor now sit together on my office shelf
Editing a national journal for 5 years has been exhausting and frustrating, but I’ve learned a great deal from the research, and about how to edit. I’m still learning.

Beyond my (hopefully positive) contribution to the journal, I feel being editor has enriched and extended my capabilities in both my own archaeological teaching and research. In this instance, while I am relieved to be free of the burden of editing a national multi-period journal, I will also miss it.