Father’s day today and I got an ace t-shirt with an Archaeodeath theme. This attire links nicely to my many recent posts on ‘The Walking Dead‘.

Also, I had a very special treat: I had a nice 6-mile walk along an old leat supplying the lead-mining in the Alyn Valley between Loggerheads northwards down to the ‘Devil’s Gorge’ near Pantymwyn. It was made all the  more special by getting to go with my eldest daughter. Despite the hot weather, we got to walk in the shade for most of the distance.

IMG_20170618_103848We didn’t dare go too far in to the mine workings, heeding the dramatic but perhaps necessary warning signs abotu falling rocks. Still, looking down into the dark caves, it was a small glimpse at the industrial underworlds that permeate the landscape of north-east Wales: mines for lead and coal in particular.

I’ve posted about Loggerheads before here. We didn’t spot any fresh or distinctive memorials beyond the usual benches, nor any new art beyond the aforementioned wooden sculptures. Still, I felt this trip combined nearly the exploration of industrial heritage and days out quite nicely and therefore deserves note. The heritage interpretation comes in the form of a nice bilingual colour and free guidebook by Denbighshire County Council (who are just great!) and various helpful heritage sign boards.

And yes, I can confirm, the Dad did rise and walk the earth on Father’s Day.

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