I’ve had a bit of a non-day. A couple of meetings, a few emails, a few forms and things to post, but generally distracted and unproductive.

I guess this was mainly because of a road-rage incident I was involved in whilst cycling to work in which I got threatened with violence and early death…

I’ve ordered a video camera for my bike helmet in anticipation of future idiot drivers threatening me on my pedal to and from work… This is an epidemic on our roads and if motorists continue threatening those on the roads in other modes of transport, and use their vehicles as weapons, then it is a grim future for our streets: for pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and horse-riders as well as other motorists.

So off I go cycling home. I hope I don’t face any more nutters. If I do, and I don’t make it home, let it be known that I want to be cremated please (after death ideally).

I’d also like my ashes scattered. Ideally somewhere really annoying…

I haven’t time to write my obituary, but here are a few pictures of my latest publication by way of testimony: Cremation and the Archaeology of Death!

Of course, I should cycle with this in my hand, and maybe that will scare away crazy drivers….