img_20170205_133933In the summer of 2015 I reported on memorial dimensions to the striking landmark of Hope Mountain, Flintshire.

I recently revisited and found that the ‘memory tree’  – previously adorned with ribbons and shoe laces – has received a range of new mnemonic ties. No, I literally mean ‘ties’: men’s ties.

Check out the pictures of the range of memorial elements. There are also ribbons and a poem as well as ties.

img_20170205_133800The additions are all at human head-height and on the path-side of the distinctive tree on the western side of the mountain.

img_20170205_133851I suspect many are part of the same memorial act, although the proliferation of elements is difficult to explain as acts commemorating a single individual added at the same time. However, it isn’t possible to tell for sure.

img_20170205_133825The implication is that memorial locales in public settings are ever-changing: with additions and removals which render them ephemeral and versatile memorial environments.