1st November

I’m now approaching the halfway mark for Movember and the archaeotache is coming along nicely. Considering donating here.

2nd November

This post is to document the steady, disturbing and follicular rise of the archaeotache since the beginning of the month.

3rd November

It is simply a series of mo-selfies, commemorating the Movember 2016 story so far from the Captain of Team Raedwald’s Stiff Upper Lip.

4th November

As you can see, I’ve been mainly on research leave hiding at home, keeping the archaeotache under wraps. Still, I’ve been out and about with my archaeotache growing and fully on display!

4th November

And of course, there was the graduation ceremonies, where I sat through clapping c. 650 graduating students across 2 ceremonies, including the archaeology undergraduates and my first 3 PhD students to graduate: Joanne Kirton, Ruth Nugent and Rachel Swallow.

5th November

The next day, I was out at Moss Valley near Wrexham, scaring the ducks and dog walkers with the awesomeness of my archaeotache.

7th November

On the Monday, I was out on an archaeological tour in the Vale of Llangollen. Rather than leave it behind, I decided to take the archaeotache with me to Castell Dinas Bran.

7th November

I also went to Llangollen Museum to see the replica of the Pillar of Eliseg.

7th November

I also got to catch up with my favourite bilingual Cistercian monk John. He’s looking a little pasty and red-mouthed, but otherwise he’s happy in the museum these days. Formerly he was in the Summer Lodge at Valle Crucis Abbey.

8th November

Much of this week I’ve been working at home, writing research articles, writing blog posts, commiserating regarding the tragedy of the US election, and helping out look after poorly kids as well as sorting out some problems with one of my kids’ school. Family chores have also fallen to me. For instance, those of you frequently Sainsbury’s in Wrexham might have seen me there looking particularly mo-tacious.

11th November

I did nothing in remembrance of the Great War apart from give some money to buy a poppy. However, I decided not to wear it this year. The mood isn’t conducive in the country and I’ve never been comfortable with it as a symbol. In fact, I’m rather ambivalent to the entire 5-year-long catalogue of centenaries to the conflict if you must know but I can talk about that another time. Still, my archaeotache is certainly looking vaguely First World War-esque.

12th November

That brings us up-to-date. Today, the archaeotache is approaching the end of its second week. A mix of blonde, ginger, brown and grey, it is growing in odd and unpredictable ways this year.

12th November

Who knows what it will look like by next week? Stay tuned to find out, and if you find yourself inclined, please do considering donating a few farthings to a good cause.