img_20150930_081630Throughout my life, I’ve always tried to stay active: walk, cycle, and when late for an appointment or train I’ve been known to run. I commute by bike and train on a fold-up bicycle, so on workdays at least, some form of exercise is integrated into my routine. In addition, I’m always out with my family in the countryside, visiting sites, monuments, town and country.

However, there’s always been this weird and odd phenomenon that people have told me about called ‘exercise’: where people deliberately walk somewhere (maybe with a dog or friends), jog somewhere, or cycle somewhere, for health reasons. I’ve seen people do it, so I know it happens.

Even more bizarre, some people prefer to go nowhere to exercise – to use a treadmill or exercise bike – either at home or at a ‘gym’ (buildings in which businesses sell spaces in which people can exercise – watch Dodgeball to tell you all you need to know).

I’ve tried it for brief intervals over recent years, but it’s never quite worked out… I lack the interest, dedication and confidence. Now, I have a confession. I’m in my mid-40s, and to my shame I’m going to commit to this ‘exercise’ phenomenon as a routine. Turn over a new leaf. An October New Year’s resolution. Exercising in my garage, I aim to move in a fashion that resembles exercise for at least one hour per day, on every day where I’m not cycling to commute.

I’ll keep you posted on how this pans out… If I die prematurely, you know what’s to blame: exercise…