ME on the digI write about death and burial. I’m not a human osteologist or a forensic anthropologist, but I explore mortality in past and recent human societies including graves, tombs, cemeteries and cenotaphs.

Writing about writing. Yawn.

Well, I’m just reflecting on the fact that I’ve completely lost track of my writing and editing schedule.

Writing about death can be a confusing business!

So, in between checking for errors of the second proofs of the article I’ve just received (which is incidentally called “‘Clumsy and Illogical’ Reconsidering the West Kirby Hogback”. It will be out in the Antiquaries Journal volume 96…

IMG_20160717_090456I’ve just ‘done the math(s)’ to see how far I’ve gotten along with things.

It seems I’ve published around 76 research papers – book chapters or journal articles – in my researches into mortuary archaeology and related topics. That means I’m working on my 77th research paper seen through to publication.

42 of these publications (and this will therefore be my 43rd) have a ‘University of Chester’ affiliation.

Here’s another way of looking at it. This will be my 33rd journal article, my 17th with a University of Chester affiliation.

Most of this number are peer-reviewed and all of them published in suitably ‘academic’ publishers and contexts. If you add sundry book reviews, magazine articles, ‘notes’ and other writings, the number would be far higher. Indeed, higher still if the Archaeodeath blog counted. This isn’t all I do of course: there is a monograph, edited special issues of journals, edited journals, edited books and so on. Still, it is nice to check in with how much I’ve been working on and to realise with some satisfaction that most of this stuff is ‘out there’.

IMG_20160719_130028Despite the self-appointed gurus of public engagement talking horse manure about how academics don’t disseminate their work beyond narrow specialist audiences, it is important to say that long before ‘open access’ became the fascist mantra, much of my work was already readily accessible online. I have now got my Chester Rep, and SelectedWorks sites. In addition, ever since I first started (as a postgrad) writing articles, I’ve been happy to share with people who get in touch drafts of my published works if they are not uploaded to these contexts online contexts.

So, dear reader, there is no excuse not to cite at least 40 of my articles in every publication you write!

More importantly, I have a significant number of ‘in press’ articles and ‘in prep’ pieces I want to/need to write, before I perish myself.

So I’m hoping to keep you all entertained with my writings in the coming years, both on topics familiar and new.

In short, my institution should probably promote me again.

Just saying…