IMG_20160701_143945As you might know, dear readers, I am Honorary Editor of the Archaeological Journal – the annual publication of the Royal Archaeological Institute . For the last 4 years, I’ve had the privilege and challenge of producing the premier multi-period journal covering the archaeology of these islands. In that time, I’ve produced 5 volumes:

Volume 173 contains a big fat book review section and articles exploring the archaeology of these islands from the Neolithic to the Middle Ages and some distinctive new fieldwork reports, syntheses and interpretations. The articles address:

There is also the 2015 Summer Meeting Report, the supplement to vol. 173, reporting on the RAI’s visit to Stockholm, Uppsala and environs.

I’m grateful, pleased and proud of the authors and referees who made this volume possible. I am also extremely grateful to the hard work of my Reviews Editor Kate Waddington and my editorial assistant Ruth Nugent.

This has been our second with Taylor & Francis and I confess it has been a slog getting it done on schedule. Still, I’m proud of it and I’m looking forward to working on my last volume – 174 for 2017.

Even better news, I have a really exciting successor who will be taking over the reins as Honorary Editor from May 2017: Dr Lise-Marie Shillito.

Still think you might want to publish in the journal? My final deadline for submissions is 1st August and then we begin a period in which Dr Shillito will be shadowing me and taking over the decision making and editing.