PANO_20160614_114558IMG_20160614_130427When I get hungry, I’m like a one track lover, driving down a two way lane. When I can, I get a tin of soup, heat it up, poach an egg in it, serve that with a pork pie/sausage roll.

When I’m visiting ancient monuments, I have to adapt a different dietary strategy. For Tintagel, Dr Nugent and myself had consumed an evening meal in a pretentious beardy hipster pub in Exeter and arrived late at our Scooby Doo hotel. We met up for breakfast following each separately suffering disturbed sleep plagued by bad art. This was self-service, plentiful and satisfying, but there were weird, small sausages…. We were relieved to leave the place and get out into the landscape.

Our walk was exhausting as we explored the coast, Tintagel Castle itself and the island. On our return to the EH shop and exhibition, we met Matt Ward the property manager. We then had a good natter with him about the new displays.

It proved essential to acquire heritage jam from the English Heritage shop. The first of these was because the lady in the English Heritage shop promised me that if I got three preserves, I got a free bag!!!

It then proved necessary to head into Tintagel village itself to explore shops and acquire heritage fudge. It was only a short distance from the fudge to acquiring a heritage pasty from a non-heritage cafe.

Visiting ancient monuments and heritage locales is all about gastronomic excess and commercial acquisitions. Sometimes I lift my head from the nose-bag and notice ruins and artefacts on display….