IMG_20160427_084400Archaeologists who explore death and the dead tend to accumulate gifts and sounvenirs that link in some vague way to their mortuary interests and its popular culture manifestations.

Bioarchaeologists tend to go for, or get given, skulls and skeletons. Others go for coffins and tombs…

I try to avoid this but mortuary paraphernalia, although I am partial to occasional images of antiquarian tombs and urns. Some items do, however, come my way and some are more memorable and valuable than others.

Last week, I was delighted to receive this gift from a grateful ex-student.

Is it apposite, reflecting my enthusiasm for the series: I’ve just finished watching Season 6.

It is also tasteful: a scary zombie mouth!

More than both apposite and tasteful, it is useful! It is a Walking Dead bottle-opener!

More than apposite, tasteful and useful, it is cool. Because it is cool, it makes me cool! A professor who can open bottles with this, is a professor to be reckoned with, feared and honoured!

Indeed, maybe I’ll survive the zombie apocalypse, now I own this!