IMG_20150925_212352In previous posts, I outlined my mini-project of creating a 3-day vlog called: Heritage Jam: Conserving the Past. Thanks to the generous editing help of Patricia Murrieta-Flores and Javier Pereda, I got my 30-minute submission in on time! You can view the whole compiled vlog, together with its paradata explaining the project and future directions it might take here.

The one lacking element was the promise to create an ‘assemblage’ to link to this year’s theme of the Heritage Jam: Museums and Collections. So I have created my very-own collection of heritage jam comprised of the jars of random stuff I accumulated during my 3-day jam-quest in North and South-West Wales, plus a few extra jars acquired in following days at Kidwelly Castle and St Dogmael’s Abbey. Not exactly a monumental assemblage, nor is it not insignificant neither.

I need to disperse this assemblage as soon as possible to those that require it more than me. In the meantime, all hail the rather ropey but unquestionably jam-gible Jam-henge!