My 4 journals as editor thus far: vol. 172 is the first one published with Routledge (Taylor & Francis)

I have just returned from the EAA 21st annual meeting at Glasgow (2-5 Sept) where I promoted the Royal Archaeological Institute‘s Archaeological Journal for which I proudly serve as Honorary Editor. Having just entered a new partnership with Routledge (Taylor & Francis), the journal is entering a new era of online global publishing, with all 172 existing volumes available online for RAI members and subscribing libraries and organisations here.

The Archaeological Journal on the Routledge book stand at the Glasgow EAA.

The Glasgow EAA seemed like a perfect time to promote the journal to potential authors and readers and to arrange a ‘Meet the Editor’ session which aimed to introduce and update those interested in learning about the journal as a forum for research and as a potential future publishing venue. This took place on Thursday lunchtime at the conference.

Key points about the Journal discussed included:

  • It has been published since 1844
  • It is the annual journal of the Royal Archaeological Institute
  • 1-120 are available open access online via the Archaeological Data Service (York)
  • Vol. 172 is just out: the first to be published online and with the global publisher Routledge (Taylor & Francis)
  • All back issues now available to subscribing libraries and organisations as well as to all RAI members online. Joining the RAI is relatively cheap and gives you access to the Journal, Summer Meetings Report and a range of other benefits. Find out more here.
  • Each issue contains:
    • Research articles
    • Review articles
    • Book Reviews
    • Summer Meetings Report as a supplement

Regarding what we publish amidst the research articles, I stated that we publish:

  • on the archaeology of these islands
    • including Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England, Man and Channel Islands
    • we will also consider neighbouring regions and islands – near Continent, North Atlantic
  • on subjects ranging from Palaeolithic to the Contemporary Past
    • we are a great venue for period-specific topics but also multi-period studies/debates
    • we invite interdisciplinary research, including studies spanning archaeology, architecture, history, art and heritage
  • in a versatile fashion regarding what we publish and how we publish, including:
    • Larger reports, up to 20k, sometimes longer
    • Research articles, up to 10k
    • Digital supplemental provided for supporting reports, tables, images etc.

Thanks to Lucy Scheah and Meredith Sneddon of Routledge for arranging everything including a very generous buffet lunch!

Buffet lunch…. all for me!

If you have any queries about the journal, get in touch via my work email:

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